MONGA——-Mysterious body temperature, not high enough to be considered fever, but serious enough to miss school and work. Illness is unknown by the American Medical Association and only understood by
doctors of Puerto Rican origin.

PATATU——Attack of obscure origin that can strike at any time. Could be serious enough to require hospitalization, yet is undetected by medical technology. Victims tend to be males and females over the age of 50 years.

SERENO——Occurs when someone steps outdoors suddenly at night and is sprinkled byq  mysterious substance produced by the night air. There are no physical symptoms and it can only be detected by the Puerto Rican elderly. The effect of having this disease is unknown. Children must not be taken out at night without proper headgear or risk of contamination is certain.

EMPACHE—–Digestive disorder which occurs after the consumption of a large Puerto Rican meal. (alka seltzer is completely ineffective)

CUERPO COLTAO—-Frequent and mild condition of unknown etiology. Symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, lack of energy and chronic whining.

MOñO PARAO——Psychological imbalance of short duration that causes strange mood swings, violent irritating behavior as well as general unpleasantness.

COCOTAZO: The crippling effect from a closed fist with the middle finger slightly raised above the others. Comes the quick snap of the wrist. Usually landing on the top of victims head…(a favorite of fathers and grandfathers).

CHICHON—–Elevated cranial protrusion usually caused by the fall after a ‘Patatu’. Can also be caused by the sudden or unexpected encounter of the ‘cocotazo’.

**If you have not encountered or witnessed these disorders, then you are not a typical Puerto Rican…fullsizeoutput_1b8


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